So, working on Standish again, and I wanted to use Ivan as a cover designer, and go with a helmet as the cover image. This is the final result. What you are looking at is a helmet for a Rescue Technician of the Imperial Fleet, Pre-War of Succession. The helmet has several optical sensors and …

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2018 Flight Plan

2018 Flight Plan The plan for next year is to write five novels, roughly 450,000 words, and finished the Earth Saga Series, or at least the first nine books. That means 2018 should look like this: Jan/Feb: Book VI- Condition Zero Mar/Apr: Book VII- Title Classified May/Jun: Book VIII- Title Classified Jul/Aug: Book IX- Title …

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Wrapping up Book V

Well, book V is finished. Not 100% finished, but done. It’s currently out with a Beta-Tester, my good friend Nick, who was read the first four books. Hopefully he’ll give me some good feedback, then I can make any changes to it, then have it on the digital shelves before October. It’s been work, but …

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Sentinel Commander head

Sentinel Commander

After much delay, I had an artist do a rendering of the Sentinel Commander. I’m not saying that this is the definitive look, but it’s very close to what I have in mind. The Sentinel Commander is a title bestowed on the senior and most advanced robot/droid assigned to warships in my series: The Earth …

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One of the biggest issues with writing a series is tracking all the data: characters, locations, space-ships, the endless stuff that you must remember. As of today, the Earth Saga is looking at 318 scenes, 96 characters of interest, and 43 planets mentioned or visited. It’s a lot to keep track of.   (These notebooks …

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