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A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

With 2022 in the bag, and 2023 just kicked off, it’s time to take a quick minute to reflect on last year and look at what is planned for ’23.

2022 saw the release of four titles:

Arpina & Fairlight

Standish 2: The Virus

The Rescue: Vanuri Down

Terminal Frontier: Earth Saga VIII

One standalone, one Standish series, the first novel in the Rescue series, and the 8th book in the Earth Saga series. I feel that 4 was quite a push, and I think that 2023 will see a reduction to 3 titles.

Looking at 2023, I’m planning on releasing the 3rd Standish novel, The Daughter. That should come out in the first quarter.

After that, we’ll release another standalone title: Cryne: In the Wrong Dimension. Anyone who has read Standish will be familiar with this character, and I hope they find this follow-on novel a respectful tribute to the Cryne character.

The third and final novel planned for release will be the 9th book in the Earth Saga Series. This novel will conclude the first phase of the Earth Saga Series. A second phase is planned, but there will most likely be a several-year gap until the first novel in the second phase is released.

At present, I’m considering keeping one or two of the main characters from the first phase into the second, although the lead roles will go to an all-new cast. Time will tell how this actually plays out.

Looking at ‘24, another Rescue novel is already in the cards, along with the 4thStandish novel. Beyond that, I’m looking at continuing with several more standalone novels, possibly a Fairlight novel and a Render novel, both prequels to Arpina & Fairlight.

The object, going forward, is to continue to develop the Earth Saga Universe, adding more stories that help add depth to the worldbuilding that already exists. Hopefully, these are stories the fans enjoy, packed with action, adventure, and plenty of violence.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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