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Feb 2022

We’re approaching the end of February, and I can report that the year has started on a positive front.

We’ve published Arpina & Fairlight, and at least one person likes it.

At the moment, we’ve got several projects open, and I’ll get everyone up to date on where things stand.

The next book scheduled for release is Standish 2: The Virus. This book is with the editor and going to be released in April. Shorter than Standish and without the body count, I think this is an excellent chance to deliver a slightly less action-packed story.

After that, we have the first book in the Rescue series. Vanuri Down. This will up the action and be a tight, compact little read. I hope this will be the first in a new series of action focused books that follow Imperial Rescue Techs. This book is in one of several editing phases. We’re looking at a July release of this title.

The 8th book in the Earth Saga Series, Terminal Frontier. This will be the longest Earth Saga novel and the penultimate book in the series. This story is also complete and slotted for an October release.

Next up, we have the 3rd book in the Standish series: The Daughter. This will be action-heavy and is currently primarily complete—Jan 23 release date.

Next is another standalone. Cryne In the Wrong Dimension. This book is finished and awaiting edits. Action heavy, this story will focus on a character we’ve seen in two other books, hopefully giving them a proper send-off.

Finally, the last open project is Standish 4. The False God. What happens when you give someone too much power? Trouble. This will be another action-packed phase in the Standish series, and hopefully, one the fans enjoy.

The plan to release four titles a year seems to be on track. 2023 will also hopefully see the release of the 9th book in the Earth Saga series, which will be the last story with all the main characters from the series in lead roles. I’m thinking of options on how to continue to the story after book 9, but we’re most likely going to see all the main characters pushed to supporting roles; that way, a reader could pick up the first book in phase two and start reading from there.

On another note, I’m trying to get print books available. I’ve tried one system but haven’t quite got it figured out yet, so hopefully, we’ll be able to have something available in the next few months.

On the entertainment front, I recently watched Double Indemnity, an older film, and proof positive that modern cinema stinks. Wrath of Man, the latest instalment from Guy Ritchie, wasn’t great, but it was one of his better films of late.

Tragically, the Book of Boba Fett by Disney was just horrible. Badly written. Bad action sequences. Nonsensical plot. It boggles the mind that Disney and the team behind the show came up with such a lousy product. You’d like to think with a team of nerds and big money, they’d get a good product out, but this was too much to ask.

As a fan of sci-fi, I’m always searching for inspiration, and I recently received this book in the mail. Incredible imagery and some great concepts. If the funds ever become available, I’d love to commission some of these artists to create a sourcebook for the Earth Saga Universe.

The rest of February is going to be focused on writing one book, editing several, while getting some new art to replace two existing covers.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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