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May 2023

It’s the first of May, and we’ve got a few irons in the fire to discuss.

At the moment, there are three projects in various stages of production. Actually, technically, five.

The first up for release will be the Cryne standalone novel. This book is complete, has been beta-tested, and just waiting on me to get around to making edits. This book should be off to the editor in July and hopefully released around September.

The second project under construction is the 9th book in the Earth Saga series. This will be the final novel in the first phase of the series and is currently sitting around 70k words. We’re looking to get this to the editor in late summer and, hopefully, a release around November. It is my current plan to have a bit of a hiatus from the series for a year or two once this project is complete, allowing me to work on some more standalone projects that I’m interested in.

The third project in the loop is the fourth Standish novel. This book is complete and should be released sometime in the first quarter of 2024.

The fourth title that has just started is the second book in the Rescue series. This novel aims to be an action-packed adventure, focusing on the exploits of a Rescue Tech and a do-or-die situation that has implications for the known galaxy. Having just started this novel, we’re probably not going to see it released until mid-2024.

The fifth and final book under construction is the paused Rescue book that I had previously been working on, which was going to be the 2nd in the series, but has now been pushed back. I might hold this novel back to 2025 or late 2024. We’ll see how things go.

Looking past these five projects, I have several ideas for standalone titles already. Two of particular interest are possible prequels for Fairlight and Render. These are two of my favourite characters, and I’d like to explore some of their backstories, with a focus on the two missions mentioned in Arpina & Fairlight that made them the men they are today.

On the entertainment front, I recently discovered The Boys. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve managed to get through all three seasons, and I have to say that it is the best TV show I’ve seen in ages. Recently I’ve been hugely disappointed with offerings from Disney, so I was thrilled when I discovered this show. Now I just have to find something else to watch until season 4 comes out.

On the cinema front, I went and watched John Wick 4. This was an action-packed thrill ride with some incredible stunts and set pieces. Not sure if they’ll make another one, but if the series is over, I think they’ve ended on a high.

Reading-wise, I’ve stuck with World War 2. While naval operations are not something I’ve overly familiar with or interested in, this book was a great read, along with the same author’s book on the Battle of Midway. I’d recommend both for anyone interested in the Second World War.

Looking at May, it’s time to focus on getting Cryne ready for the editor while continuing to punch the keys on the 9th book in the Earth Saga series, along with the second instalment in the Rescue series.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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