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It’s the middle of April, and things are chugging along at a nice pace.

The weather is improving in London, two projects are under construction, and another is off to the editor next month.

And of course, we just released Standish 2: The Virus.

I’ll be the first one to admit that the COVID pandemic made me think about writing a book, set in the universe I’ve created, dealing with a deadly viral outbreak. Being me, I didn’t want to make it too heavy on all the ‘science’, just a light-weight story about a virus affecting a planet, and Standish and her team being sent in to investigate. Considering people have already made films about lockdown, I don’t think I was jumping the gun by releasing this book. It’s a little light on action for a Standish novel, but hopefully people enjoy it.

Now, the two books on the go…..

Standish 4: The False God.

This isn’t scheduled for release until July of ’23, but this novel is around the half-way mark, I’m guessing, and this one will have a boat-load of action. With these follow-on stories to Standish, it’s all about giving the main character those experiences that turned her into the character at the end of her career in Standish.

The second book on the go is The Rescue 2: The Buccaneers.

Right. The first Rescue book is going to the editor in May for a July release. These will be fast, hard hitting action novels set in the old Empire, with a focus on Rescue Technicians, the role that Standish had in the fleet before joining SF. These novels are light, fun, and hopefully page-turners.

I’m feeling fairly confident about keeping on top of my publishing timeline, with potential projects currently on the calendar all the way out to mid-2025. The plan, once things get a bit smoothed out, would be to release one book from each stream, per year. 1 Earth Saga novel/1 Standish/1 Rescue/1 Standalone. That is the plan, just need to keep tapping the keys to get there.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get out and about when the weather allows. I had a friend in town recently from the US, and we managed to go to the National Gallery, the Tate Britain, and the Tate Modern during his visit.

I also managed to pick up this lovely book filled with some incredible sci-fi artwork. Flipping through this is just a great experience that gets the creative juices flowing and helps me get ideas for the worlds that I’m trying to create.

The rest of April will be devoted to getting more words on the page for the two open projects and getting The Rescue 1 ready to be sent off to my editor. That will take priority. Hopefully there will be a few opportunities to get out and about, see some sights, maybe a museum or art gallery. A wander around London is one of my favourite things to do, and with warmer weather on the way, hopefully I’ll be able to get in a few good walks.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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