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The Battle for Jupiter is live!

October is nearly over, and I can finally announce that the 7th book in the Earth Saga Series has been released. “The Battle for Jupiter” is an action-packed novel that I think really marks a turning point in the Earth Saga Series where several events occur that help point the series towards its conclusion in the 9th book, due out in 2023.

New characters are introduced in “The Battle for Jupiter” who will join the story and play a big role in things to come, while other characters will have just a small cameo, with their fate being decided in the 8th or 9th novels.

Which brings me to the big question, will the 9th novel be the last one in the series?

I’m drifting more and more towards NO. But! I am thinking that any books in the series that follow the 9th book will be considered ‘Phase Two’. What does that mean? I’m thinking it means you could start reading the series at book 1 or 10. Some of the major characters from the series might drop into supporting roles, while new characters are introduced to carry the series forward. If you finish “The Battle for Jupiter”, you’ll know that big changes are on the horizon.

Looking forward, we have another title being released in January, “Arpina & Fairlight” which will fall into the ‘standalone’ category of stories. For the record, the plan right now is to have 4 streams of Earth Saga Universe stories. 1: The Earth Saga Series. 2: Standish (2nd and 3rd books due out in 2022). 3: The Rescue (1st novel in this series completed, but not due out for some time). 4: Standalone titles.

Regardless of what the future holds for any of the characters or the story lines, rest assured new material is scheduled to be released at a more constant rate going forward, and I do hope that people enjoy what they read.


Until next time, stay safe out there.

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