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2021 has come and gone, so it’s time for a quick look at what to expect in 2022.

We’ve got 6 open projects. Here is an update on their status and expected release dates.

Arpina & Fairlight. Standalone Novel. Waiting on cover art. Publishing Jan 22

Standish 2-The Virus. Standish Series. Editing. Publishing Apr 22

The Rescue- Vanuri Down. Rescue Series (New). Editing. Publishing July 22

Terminal Frontier. Earth Saga Series. Writing. Publishing Oct 22.

Standish 3- The Daughter. Standish Series. Editing. Publishing Jan 23

Cryne: In the Wrong Dimension. Standalone Novel. Writing. Publishing Apr 23

We’re looking at expanding the Earth Saga Universe to 4 streams.

Stream A is the Earth Saga Series, this is the series starting with Minus Epsilon.

Stream B are the standalone novels. Arpina & Fairlight falls into this category.

Stream C is the Standish Series. Standish is already out, and 2 are on the way.

Stream D is the Rescue Series. Short action-packed novels.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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