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New releases and new projects

It’s the middle of October, the weather is changing, and with any luck, The Battle for Jupiter, the 7th book in the Earth Saga Series, will be released later this month (just waiting on cover art).

October has gone fairly well. We’ve got a book ready for launch, with another title Arpina & Fairlight, having been sent off to the editor for a January release. To add to that, I’ve started punching the keys once again on the 8th book in the Earth Saga series.

At this rate, things are looking very good for 2022, with four titles planned for release, all of which have a completed first draft done and waiting for edits, save the 8th Earth Saga book, which is slatted for a July release. I might do a blog in December looking at all four titles for 2022.

The most important thing for the rest of this month and going forward is to keep the words flowing. I am thinking that in the future, I want 4 streams of books:

The Earth Saga Series


The Rescue

Other (standalone)

The first Rescue novel is complete, but not slated for release until January of 2023, but it might be the first story in a series of action-packed novels to help add some depth to the Earth Saga Universe that focus on Imperial Rescue Technicians and their adventures.

One of the fun parts of writing is creating characters, and in the 8th Earth Saga book I’ve added a married couple who are desperately trying to get from Point A to Point B. This involves creating mood-boards, figuring out their transportation, habits, weapons etc. The full picture. Will this couple survive? I’m not sure yet, but it’s fun creating a fully flushed out character.

For the creative juices, I’ve added some more synthwave tunes, this month from New Arcades. A great duo who I met at an Ollie Wride gig a few years back. I do find that synth and EDM music really helps with my focus when writing. I have a friend who writes to opera, and while that would never work for me, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people would benefit from some form of music while writing.

I also added this incredible book on Syd Mead’s artwork to my collection. He’s worked on some seminal films, and looking at the artwork and concepts is great for the imagination, and to get the story-telling brain thinking about new ideas and concepts that I can incorporate into my stories.

With only a week plus left in the month, it’s time to hunker down, get more words into the 8th Earth Saga book and think about the future. Plenty of ideas to flush out, and I’m thinking that November might mean the beginning of a new story. Just got to figure out what that might be!

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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