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Ticking along

It’s the middle of November (where is the time going?), and it’s probably time for an update.

Battle for Jupiter, the 7th installment in the Earth Saga series has finally been released, which leaves us with just two novels to go before the series draws to an end. Now, before anyone screams bloody-murder, I am planning on writing what I’ll call ‘The Earth Saga Phase 2’, once the 9th book is complete. This will allow readers of the first 9 books to continue their journey with the story, but it will also allow new readers to pick up the 10th book and start from there. At least that’s the plan right now.

Work on the 8th book is ticking along very well, with a launch probably towards the end of 2022 at this rate. I’m finding that this novel is possibly going to be the longest in the series, and I don’t want to rush it, so I’m pushing back its release date a wee bit, for the best, I’m sure.

With that in mind, things are streaming ahead at a rapid pace on 3 other projects. Standish 2.0, 3.0, and a new series called ‘The Rescue’. Now, in my humble opinion, Standish is my best book, and she is my best character. And, having had several people leave comments wanting to see more of this heroine, I’ve decided to start a series around her. The first two novels, which I’m tempted to release at the same time are titled as follows: Standish 2, The Virus (Yes, Covid, yes), and Standish 3, The Daughter. Now, Going through the edits of Standish 2, I’m noticing there is a lack of action, I know, how did that happen? So, I’m packing some ultra-violence into Standish 3.

At the same time as the Standish series is coming to life, I’m introducing a new series called ‘The Rescue’. These will be standalone books set in various locations and times focusing on the exploits of the Rescue Technician branch of the Imperial Fleet. Think a combination of US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer meets US Air Force Pararescuemen. These stories will be snappy and action packed. The first novel is complete, and due out in 2022.

All the while, we’ve got another story in the works. Cryne: In the Wrong Dimension. Anyone who has read Love in a Time of War and Standish will know the character Cryne. He’s a cool, devil may care operator who is based on a friend who served in the Royal Marines. Well, I’ve decided to give Cryne his own story, one that hopefully the fans will enjoy. This story is still in the early stages of production, and not expected out until 2023.

So, with only a week plus left in November, the plan is to keep making corrections to Standish 2.0, before moving on to red-penning Standish 3.0. I like the idea of growing the Earth Saga Universe, and I think a lot of these additional stories present a great opportunity to add depth to the world-building, which is something I hope my readers will enjoy.

All I can do, I suppose, is keep turning out novels, hopefully 4 per year, and hope that the readers enjoy them, and enjoy the universe that I’m trying to create. Only time will tell.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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