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Closing in on the end of March

We’re approaching the end of March, and the weather in London looks like it’s turning in the right direction, which is always a plus!

With April looming, work is plowing ahead on getting some artwork done for Standish 2. This will be the first installment in the Standish series following Standish.

Hopefully fans will enjoy these reads, with the 3rd instalment coming out next January, while the 4th is currently under construction.

Right now, I’ll have to admit I’m a little bogged down. I spent a week in the US, so that somewhat threw me off track with editing the first book in The Rescue series, which is due out in July. Ugh. Too many projects on the go!

All the books planned for the rest of ’22 are complete: Standish 2, The Rescue, and Earth Saga 8: Terminal Frontier, Now it’s just a question of getting them edited and getting some groovy cover art.

These things take time, but hopefully fans will enjoy the final product. With every new book, I’m trying to build upon the universe that I’ve already created, adding some depth and complexity, flushing out the universe that the books take place in. Hopefully without too many continuity errors! Getting harder and harder to track all the moving pieces.

On the entertainment front, I watched a great documentary on Miles Davis, so in turn, I’ve purchased a few more of his records, along with a book on jazz. Need to get my knowledge up.

I also had my first real night out since Covid hit. Went to the Royal Opera House to watch Romeo and Juliet with the Royal Ballet. A good night out, and I’m never one to shy away from the chance of getting dressed up!

On the reading front, I binged on some history books. Tragically, I read very slowly, so it’ll take some time to get through these, but I’m a firm believer that one must always be learning.

On the film front, I haven’t watched much good lately, other than the Boeing documentary. Scary stuff.

The rest of March will be dedicated to getting more words on the page for Standish 4, and sourcing artwork for Standish 2. After that, I need to focus on editing The Rescue so that can get to the editor for May. Push, push, push.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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