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Christmas is Coming.

It’s the middle of December, the end of 2021 is racing towards us at a furious pace, Covid is back with the new and improved Omicron variant, and its dark outside for much longer each day than I’d want.

But, there are a few positives on the horizon!

Firstly, we should be seeing the release of a new standalone title next month: Arpina & Fairlight. This novel will, by date, take place longest ago when compared to the other novels, and will hopefully be an action-packed thrill-ride for readers. Anyone who has read Murder on Valtameri will recognize a few characters in this novel.

Secondly, things are looking very good on the editing front. Standish 2.0 & 3.0 have both undergone recent red-penning operations, with Standish 2.0 expected to be released in April. I’ll confess, this novel is not as action packed as my usual novels would be, but I’m more than making up for that with Standish 3.0, which will be a messy action-fest.

Additionally, words are continuing to be put to the page for the 8th novel in the Earth Saga series, Terminal Frontier, which is due out in October of ’22.

Finally, red penning is about to start on the first installment of The Rescue, which is looking at a July release next summer.

Adding to that, words are going to start flowing again on Cryne: In the Wrong Dimension, which is currently slated for a release in April of ’23!

Yikes. Lots of irons in the fire. Lots of story to tell.

I’m using the final act of Terminal Frontier to do a little tour-de-force of the Earth, visiting some not too often discussed locations in the process. This novel is on track to be the longest in the Earth Saga series by some length and could surpass Standish as the longest book in the universe unless I’m able to wrap this sucker up.

Away from writing I’ve watched two films of note recently. Waiting for the Barbarians and End of Watch. Both are brilliantly acted, and the concept behind Barbarians is fascinating, but the execution left much to be desired. A real failed opportunity there. End of Watch was a very well-done cop-flick and packed with plenty of excitement.

On the beats side of things, I’ve added another album to my growing synth collection. By Earmake, this album, and the one proceeding it are just brilliant. Great to have on when punching the keys, because frankly, without it, I’d be lost.

I was also able to escape London for a few days, nipping up to Edinburgh and Newcastle. Edinburgh is lovely. Newcastle is the opposite of that.

With Christmas and New Years on the horizon, it’s time to button down the hatches and get The Rescue fully red-penned before 2022 arrives, while continuing to punch the keys on Terminal Frontier. Not sure why, but the tempo of things is picking up a bit, and with a new release planned for next month, I’m in a positive frame of thought going into next year, which hopefully will see 4 titles released. Plenty of explosions and action for the readers.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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