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Week in Review: 17/06/18

The World Cup has started, which means I’m going to be glued to the view-screens for a month. England have yet to play, but there have already been some great games, and a few shocking results.


This week involved some good editing, finishing off the first half issues that the beta-tester picked up. Currently waiting on the second half to be completed, but there could be delays there that can’t be avoided. Words are also continuing to flow on ‘Love in a time of War’, just not as swiftly as I’d like. I’m getting itchy to get on with Book VI of the Earth Saga Series. We need to know what is happening with Joe, Rhea and the rest of the gang.

On cultural side of things, I went to the Monet and Architecture exhibition at the National Gallery. It wasn’t bad, but it was overpriced, and not as good as the Monet and the Impressionists at the Tate Britain.


I re-watched the Magnificent Seven, which is always enjoyable and fun and infinitely better than the 2016 disaster from Antoine Fuqua.


Today I popped to the cinema to watch Spartacus, the 1960 epic with Kirk Douglas. I love Peter Ustinov as Batiatus. Seems he won an Oscar for his performance. I find that recent big budget films are all train-wrecks. Too much reliance on CGI and other tricks to bamboozle the audience. Good acting and good story-telling are what we need!

On a more somber film going note, I watched the McQueen film. Lee Alexander McQueen was a rare talent, and the documentary is one of the best on fashion that I’ve seen recently. At least it’s a lot better than the Westwood documentary.


Next week will involve a focus on ‘Love in a time of War’, with good odds that the story will be finished. World Cup viewing will be essential, along with getting back into a good gym routine. With any luck, I’ve got another beta-tester lined up for ‘Standish’, and I’ll be getting ready to punch keys on Book VI this time next week.

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