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Week in Review: 10/06/18

Missed last week. That either mean there wasn’t much to report, or I just forgot.

I went and watched Solo in the theater, and while it’s not a perfect film, I do think it is better than the Force Awakens or Last Jedi, both of which were disasters in my mind. It’s a pity that it isn’t doing well at the box office, but I’m sure Disney will keep moving forward with the spin-off films. I would like to see the studios take more risks with directors, like Thor Ragnarok.


As with Rogue One, I ordered the art book for Solo. Some amazing imagery that really delves into the creative process that went into making the worlds and the characters of the Star Wars universe. I would love to be able to do this one day for the Earth Saga.


Roland Garros was on for the last two weeks, and there was a considerable amount of tennis watching. Like several sports I enjoy, tennis is one of those sports that I watch a few times a year during the big tournaments. We’ve got the World Cup starting later this week, then Wimbledon. Looking forward to both.


Like any other week, I added some tunes to my collection. A serious amount of Cafe del Mar, and a new album from Waveshaper. All good to work to.


Speaking of work, this week was fairly solid. Editing ‘Standish’ is going to take time, and I’m getting close to the finish line on ‘Love in a time of war’. Going out of town in a few weeks, and I’d like to edit the novella over that period. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting the second half of ‘Standish’ back from my beta-testers, so that might delay its release. Of course, as soon as the finishing touches are put to the novella, it’ll be straight onto book VI, aka Project 8.


Got around town a bit more than usual this week. Popped down to The City to see my tailor, then went to the Design Museum to see the Azzedine Alaia exhibition. While the exhibition may have been small, I did enjoy it.


There aren’t any major engagements on the calendar for this coming week, but an eye will be constantly on ‘Standish’, making sure edits continue at a good pace, while maintaining a daily slog towards the end of ‘Love in a time of war’.

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