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Jetted off to Valencia for New Year’s. Here are some pictures. Good location for a 2/3 day visit.

Day 1:

(Looking towards Las Arenas Beach.)

(Perhaps I shouldn’t be wearing brown suede semi-brouges on the beach, but needs must.)

(I think my interest in architecture comes from my father, an architect. Naturally.)

(Museo de las Ciencias.)

(Fly-over in the middle of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Cinecias.)

(Amazing futuristic architecture. Great for the creative jucies.)

(Palau de les Arts)



Day 2:

(Lower ground floor of the Mercado de Colon.)

(Placa de Bous de Valencia.)

(Estacion del Norte.)

(Correos. Post Office.)

(Ayuntamiento. Town Hall.)

(Forecout of the Biblioteca Publica Provincial. Library.)


(Exterior of the library.)

(Torres de Quart.)

(Impressive stairs.)

(On the roof.)

(Robot Love.)


(Lots of Sci-Fi theamed art.)




(Haircut in preparation of global warming?)

(Love this mecha image.)



(Torres de Serranos.)

(Centro Comercial Aqua. I swear I saw a Taco Bell here.)

Day 3:

(Mercado Central.)


(Amazing options on offer, even by London standards it was very impressive.)

(When I buy my chicken, I always want the head attached.)

(Esglesia dels Sants Joans.)

(Street of Centro Historico.)

(Paella Valencia containing chicken, rabbit, artichoke & rice inside El Forcat on Calle Roeros.)

(Love those blue bottles.)

(Good example of old town architecture.)

(Walking up Calle Cadiz.)

(Crossing a near empty Gran Via Germanias on New Year’s Eve.)

(Found this amazing asian fusion place. Best food we had in Valencia.)

(I’ve seen this before.)

(Town hall less than an hour before New Year’s.)

(Party over. Time to hit the sack then head to the aeroporto in a few.)

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