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Standish, Part 2

After much thought, and suggestion from readers on Amazon and elsewhere, I have decided that the story of Val Standish must continue!

Anyone who has read Standish has knows how the book starts and how it ends, but they also know that there is considerable room for adding to this great character’s story-arc.

With that in mind, I can report that Project XIII is now officially rebranded as Standish, Part 2. Title to come later, but this novel is finished and will see Standish and her special forces team lead by Bender and Reyn face a new, deadly challenge. I’d expect this title released in the next few months.

Part 2 will be the first installment of ultra-violence packed stories following our heroine around the galaxy kicking ass and chewing bubble-gum. And tragically, she’s all out of bubble-gum.

Another piece of exciting news is that I started a new project yesterday, Project XIX, and this project will be Standish, Part 3. While there won’t be a lot of deviation from the number of explosions and decapitations readers have come to expect, this novel will see Standish branch out on her own for the bulk of the story, which will create new challenges for our heroine to face without the help of her Prime team.

I personally think Standish is the most exciting story I’ve released to date, and I think that many readers enjoyed the action and the characters, so with that in mind, I’ve decided that in parallel to the Earth Saga Series, that it was time to create another series focusing on a single character and their adventures.

I hope the readers agree, and I look forward to releasing Standish, Part 2 in the next few months, and hopefully many more to come after that.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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