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October ’18

October was a brutal month for sales. Disastrous. But I suppose that is following a general trend from the past five years. I seem to be unable to A: sell books and B: get the limited people who read them to review them. It’s a shocking mess.

I’m currently punching the keys on Book VI (Project 8) at the moment, and we’re north of the 50k mark heading towards 90,000.


That’s all well and good, and I’m happy with the story and the direction it is heading. I am of course banking my entire career on the success of Standish, my magnum opus, which is still out with 2 beta-testers. I need to get this puppy back, edit the hell out of it, then get it out to the readers before Christmas. This might be easier said than done. The other plan with Standish is to get it to an agent. Ha! I know.

On the flip side, October was a relatively active month for travel. Munich, London, France, Hamburg, back to London, with a tiny journey on the Queen Mary 2.


On the art scene, I went to this exhibition on photography at the Tate Modern. Hated it.


Then I went to this ballet, Mayerling. Hated it. Not a good month for culture.

On the reading front, we’re back where we should be: history. I read Anthony Beevor’s Arnhem, which was amazing, and I’m currently reading The First World War by John Keegan. I might have read this before, but I can use the re-fresh on WW1.


The only cinema trip I took in October was to see Bohemian Rhapsody, which I thought was alright, while at home I watched Den of Thieves, which was shit.


Music-wise, I’ve been adding to my jazz collection, and of course, my synthwave collection, which I listen to for work. Very happy with Neon Moonlight from Jazzycat.


The plan of action for November is to keep punching the keys. I’ve got to get Book VI done asap, and then pray that the beta-testers get Standish back to me before the end of the month, otherwise there is little hope of getting it live before X-mas. Work work work.


Fingers crossed November is a better month for book sales, and maybe someone will leave me a review.

Until next time.

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