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May 19

We’re into June, and it feels like May raced by. Work continues on both Project 9 and Project 10. 9 is looking like it’s going to be a novella in length, and should be launching in the July or August. Project 10, the 7th book in the Earth Saga series, is looking at a late 2019 release. Project 8, Condition Zero, the 6th Earth Saga book is still under beta-tester review, but hopefully will be good to go for a late June/July launch. It’s well behind the power-curve

May proved a shocking month for book giveaways. I’ve done several rounds of giving books away on Amazon to date, and in all that time, those giveaways have pales compared to the 539 copies of Minus Epsilon that people down-loaded during May. Now I just need those people to leave some reviews, and maybe buy book 2! Sales were a little less impressive, five units sold.

On the art scene, did three shows in May. The Stanley Kubrick at the Design Museum, which probably requires a second visit. The Doretha Tanning at the Tate Modern, which was very impressive, and the Manga exhibition at the British Museum, which was informative and exciting. I also saw two shows I hated at Sadler’s Wells. Too damn contemporary for me.

On a music front, grabbed a few more synthwave albums, but the highlight of the month was watching Timecop 1983 and FM-84 play live in Brixton. Both acts were great, but FM-84 and their lead singer Ollie Wride put on an excellent show.

Book-wise I’m reading a book on the cold war with a focus on CBRN, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats from the 40s almost to today. It’s a fascinating read, and with Chernobyl on television at the moment, very timely. It’s shocking to see how genuinely delusional global powers are about nuclear weapons and how on some level, you can’t trust the West or the East.

On the TV/Film front, Game of Thrones came to a disastrous ending after 8 seasons. They really screwed up the last season. I could have written something better. Avengers End Game was mindless CGI; John Wick 3 was mega. Epic action. Dogs. Blood. Decent humour. Not without flaws, but a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the month ended on a low note with Godzilla, which was just a piece of crap.

A few days in France were sprinkled into May, which is always nice to help brush off the cobwebs.

The plan for June is simple, get book 7 of the Earth Saga edited and out. That is priority number one. After that, it’s work on Project 9. For those wondering where Standish is, well it’s waiting for an agent to pick it up and read it and like it. That process is proving a slow as one would expect. It’s just going to take time.

June should be a good month. French Open and the Cricket World Cup on at the moment, then the Women’s World Cup Let’s just hope the weather stays constant, but not too warm, and the new PM doesn’t do any worse than the last one.

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