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In Search of Inspiration

I suppose everyone has to find inspiration in their own way. Me, I like to get out of my usual routine and allow the brain to wander. I had planned to write Book V of the Earth Saga, Condition Zero, and a stand-alone, Standish, book simultaneously, but I found that was not working efficiently, so I decided to focus on the stand-alone book which features some characters that a reader might recognise from Book IV.

I recently got out of London and headed to France for just a few days. Just enough to blow the cobwebs away, and refocus the mind.


I think that the more input and exposure that I give myself to different places and things, the better my creativity works, allowing me to keep pounding out the words on the keyboard.


I should have Standish completed by the end of June, giving me six months to finish Condition Zero.  Fingers crossed. I’ve also got some offers to assist with editing, which I need, to hopefully deliver a superior product.


Back to the pages. Need to write a scene that is one part Kobayashi Maru, one part Ethan Hunt stunt.

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