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April 20 in Review

April came and went in a blur of boredom amid the ‘lock-down’. Not sure how much longer this pandemic is going to last, but it sure as heck isn’t much fun. Since I work from home, not too much in my routine had changed dramatically, but there are certainly times when I wish travel restrictions were lifted etc. Fingers crossed, this will all be over before winter, because ‘lock-down’ during winter time would really suck.

April was another grim month for sales, recording only 5, which really sucks considering I have 9 books on the market. I did give away over 200 copies of Standish, so hopefully that will result in some positive reviews. Time will tell.

I did get back on the all-powerful and all-evil Facebook. I tragically think there is a link between bad sales and my lack of presence on social media. Time will tell, but I’ve got to keep getting the word out there, and frankly, I was failing at that objective since I came off social media a few months back.

Work is progressing on Project XII, while I’m still waiting on a beta-reader to get their copy of Project XI back to me. Think Poirot in Space. I’m considering mailing a copy of Project XI to my man in the US this week instead of waiting for the second beta-reader to get back to me. I can’t wait on him forever.

Entertainment wise, April had the last few episodes of Better Call Saul for this season, a show I really enjoy, and of course the freak-show that is Tiger King. More additions to the synth-wave collection were added, making it still my go-to choice for work related tunes.

The plan for May is rather straight forward, keep punching the keys on Project XII, while at the same time, think about what comes after that. Book 7 of the Earth Saga series is still 50% completed, and on ice. That needs to be brought to a close once Project XII is complete. I need to get a minimum of 2 books released this year, possibly a 3rd if I hustle.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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