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Week in Review: 25/02/18

It’s Sunday, and the Olympics are over. The last two weeks were a great opportunity to watch some cracking athletic performances in a variety of sports that you only really get to see once every four years. Pity about England’s performance in the 6 Nations this weekend, a very poor performance.


This was an alright week for writing. Currently at 186,205 words on Standish, making this weeks word-count 9,200. Roughly. That is lower than where I’d like to be, but it is a vast improvement on the end beginning of this month. The finish line is in sight, and there is only so much more of the story to tell. I anticipate that the finished product will be up-worded after the editing process happens.


I’m also thrilled that I finally got a full 5 days in the gym this week. Summer is around the corner, and I need to get back into shape. Taking 18 months out of the gym was a critical mistake, and hopefully next week will be positive as well.

Had to pop into the tailors this week. Went up to Huntsman on Savile Row to grab a jacket of mine they had, then popped into The City to see David, my personal tailor, about some alterations. I’m a firm believer that most men today put zero to very little effort into they way they look. It doesn’t help that there aren’t really any stylist celebrities at the moment. They might be fashionable, but as we know, style is permanent.



Been sticking with the Sopranos watching this week. I’m thinking that the show is good, but not great. Still, just two seasons to go now. I watched ‘By The Sea’ with Brad and Angelina. Dear, fucking, God! That move was horrific, and it makes me wonder if those two can even act. Brad plays an alcoholic writer who doesn’t do much writing. Everyone wants to be a writer. And a drunk. Naturally.


On a final note, I have started on a short story, objective word count roughly 20k called Love in a time of War. This book will be set in the Earth Saga universe, and should be a nice way to provide a slightly different product to the readers, while at the same time adding depth to by catalog. Once Standish is complete, it’s straight into Condition Zero: Earth Saga VI.


Until next week.

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