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Too many plates spinning

It’s the end of the beginning of May, and things are warming up in London. There’s the chance that summer could be around the corner, and while my production has lagged in regards to getting words on the page over the last week or so, things have been getting done on the back-end. That side of the machine that no one but me gets to see, so, overall, things are looking shiny.

The biggest piece to look forward to at the moment is the release of A War Beneath the Clouds. This story is heading to the editor in June, which means a release of June/July. This will be a standalone novel inside the Earth Saga Universe, and will hopefully bring a new gritty edge to the universe and the Empire that exists in many of the stories released so far.

Another major development under way is the creation of new covers for the Earth Saga books. A replacement for Minus Epsilon is currently under development, so hopefully I can get that up on Amazon shortly.

At the moment, the only project getting words to paper is Arpina & Fairlight. This story is almost complete, and will be heading to the editor ‘at some point’. I need to get it to my main man ZFN for his comments before it can head to the cutting board. This is an action packed adventure about love and duty, and how the two sometimes don’t mix.

I feel like I’m playing a bit of catch-up at the moment with the rest of my projects. I’ve got three completed projects: The Battle for Jupiter, A War Beneath the Clouds, & The Virus, and all other them are in some phase of the editing process on my end. I have a sneaky suspicion that once Arpina & Fairlight is complete, it’ll be all hands-on deck for getting these projects ready for the editor.

On the entertainment front, the only film or show of note that I watched recently was ‘Without Remorse’, the Tom Clancy novel turned film with Michael B Jordan. It was bad. It needed a better technical advisor, and was unnecessary. It would have made a fine standalone film; it didn’t have to be in the Clancy-Verse.

With lockdown rolling to an end in England, it’s time to get out and about more, and a recent trip on the Thames Clipper to Woolwich and a walk back to Greenwich was a nice day out. More of those hopefully over the summer, and then maybe post-August a trip overseas. I’m not going to jump the gun without my second jab, and until things have really calmed down. Better safe than sorry with this pandemic.

The rest of this week is going to be dedicated to the conclusion of Arpina & Fairlight. There are a few more fatalities than need to be put on the page, and once that is done, finishing up another round of red-penning A War Beneath the Clouds, then on to the Battle for Jupiter, the 7th book in the Earth Saga series, which I know some people are waiting for! I’m hoping to get that to the editor for July.

Well, it’s back to punching the keys for me. Stay safe out there.

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