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The Middle of April

It’s the middle of April and things are easing with Covid restrictions in London, the sun is out, and I’m torn between editing, writing, and editing.

Let’s quickly take stock of where things are, because there are several open projects.

Project X- The Battle for Jupiter, The Earth Saga VII

Currently undergoing red-pen operations. Hopefully going to the editor in July.

Project XII- A War Beneath the Clouds, An Earth Saga Story

Currently undergoing round 2 of red-penning. Going to the editor in June.

Project XIII- The Virus (working title), An Earth Saga Story

Currently complete and sitting on a shelf 50% red-penned. Hopefully going to the editor in August.

Project XVI- Terminal Frontier, The Earth Saga VIII

First draft nearly complete. Hopefully going to the editor in September.

Project XVIII- Arpina & Fairlight, An Earth Saga Story.

First draft nearly complete. Hopefully going to the editor in October.

Lots of spinning plates to keep track of, but everything should be on course to get all five of those projects plus the 9th and final Earth Saga book released this year. Plenty of keys still to be punched and several thousand pages to be edited, but things look good.

As always, I have no shortage of ideas for follow on projects, that includes a trilogy to follow on directly from the Earth Saga series. When looking at the time-line I’ve bult for the Earth Saga series, including the standalone books, things go back roughly two-thousand years, and I’d like to write a few books or trilogies linking everything together, giving readers a clearer picture of the history and lore of the universe I’ve created.

With the easing of restrictions, I’ve been able to get out and about in town a bit more, which is nice, and with the weather improving over the next few months, hopefully a few more walks and mini-expeditions around town will be on the cards. It’s far to early to think about travelling further afield, abut hopefully Covid will be in the rear-view mirror by the end of 2021.

On the entertainment front, I binge-watched Ted Lasso which turned out to be great fun. Fish out of water stories are always enjoyable, and Jason Sudeikis nails this role.

On the tunes front, I might have drifted more towards EDM this month, Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren than synth, but I did add another album from Droid Bishop to my playlist. I find music critical to the writing process, and without it my mind would probably wander too much to ever get anything down on the page.

The plan for the rest of April is to continue getting a few thousand words down on Arpina & Fairlight everyday while continuing to red-pen The Battle for Jupiter and A War Beneath the Clouds. Not much else I can do other than the occasional walk, bike ride, or trip to a quiet pub. Head down, and get these projects ready for my editor.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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