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The End of July

July is almost over, and overall, it’s been a rather productive month. Two key milestones were reached, releasing ‘A War Beneath the Clouds’, and getting ‘The Battle for Jupiter’ edited and sent to the editor.

‘A War Beneath the Clouds’ is a standalone novel and the 12th addition to the Earth Saga Universe, and while we will see one of the supporting characters in ‘Arpina & Fairlight’, which should be released in early 2022, this novel was just an opportunity to tell a different kind of story to the ones that I’ve previously released.

Having recently read Max Hastings books on Vietnam and the First World War, I wanted to tell a story that painted a bleak picture of the futility of some conflicts, and how the only thing that is guaranteed is suffering, and that victory might be some mirage on the horizon.

With the 9-part Earth Saga series reaching its final act, it’s time to think about other projects that can help build depth into the Earth Saga Universe. Part of that will be standalone novels that take place somewhere in the two-thousand year past of Universe that exists already, plugging holes and adding more levels of complexity to the world-building. At the same time, I’ll be creating two new series, one focused on Val Standish, the main character in the book ‘Standish’, the second will be a continuation of the Earth Saga series, not sure how many novels this will involve, but it will centre on new characters and start at some undetermined point after the 9th book in the series concludes.

The rest of July will be focused on getting ‘The Battle for Jupiter’ (Earth Saga 7) to the editor, then continuing work on ‘Standish 3.0’.

On the entertainment front, I’ve added a few more synth albums to the collection, which are excellent for the creative juices.

We also have the Olympics on. Hopefully GB do well.

With August on the horizon, it’ll be time to continue punching the keys on ‘Standish 3.0’, then just wait for ZFN to give me his feedback from ‘Arpina & Fairlight’, so I can start the next round of edits on that project.

And on a final note, I’ve hopefully found a new artist to help with some fresh cover art. More to come on that.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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