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The beginning of the end of the first month of the year

We’re reaching the end of January, and 2021 has been rather chilly so far, and we’ve even had a little snow!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve had two more books edited by my editor, Horizons, the third Earth Saga title, and Love in a Time of War, a novella in the Earth Saga universe. That leaves 3 titles outstanding, all of which will be completed in the first quarter of the year.

On the writing front, we have two projects on the go: Terminal Frontier, the 8th Earth Saga title, and Arpina and Fairlight, a standalone novel in the same universe. If you’ve read Murder on Valtameri, you’ll know these two characters. This novel will take place before MoV, and aims to be action heavy.

Looking at current writing speeds, I’m guessing both of these novels will be ready for a first round of editing no later than the end of March. All the while, I have three novels sitting on the back-burner, Battle for Jupiter, the 7th Earth Saga title, and two standalone projects: A War Beneath the Clouds & The Virus. These titles will be launched in the late summer or autumn.

The mission of releasing six titles this year is not a stretch, and should be able to be completed without rushing any part of the writing or editing process.

The question is what comes next? I’m not sure. I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

On the film front, I haven’t watched much recently. I watched The Midnight Sky with George Clooney. It’s alright, but certainly not great. I do hate when sci-fi films have something going on, but fail to explain what it is. I want the backstory and all the info, not to be told some ‘event’ is happening.

On the music front, I’ve added more EDM to the collection. A Children remix and some Armin Van Buuren. I tend to write exclusively to Synth, but EDM is gaining a toehold on the list of what I can listen to and punch the keys.

Reading wise, I’ve started a new Max Hastings book on the First World War. I have to admit that my overall knowledge of this conflict is limited, and after having read his book on Vietnam, I am a believer in his work. I’m considering a book on the battle of Jutland next.

The remainder of January and next month have very simple objectives attached to them: write a minimum of 17,000 words per week. 3k Monday to Friday, then at least a quick 1000 on Saturday and Sunday. This pace is sustainable, and will help me to keep getting fresh content out in the market.

Not much to do anyway at this time of the year in London. It’s grey, wet, and cold. Add to that we’re in lockdown, so options are extremely limited. All that one can do is play by the rules, and hope that you don’t catch Covid. Vitamin D is critical. Or so I’ve been told.

Until next time, be safe out there.

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