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Project XX

A few things have dawned on me in the last few months throughout this rather disappointing British summer.

Firstly, the need to keep creating work is critical. I’ve started Project XX The Rescue, a standalone novel in the Earth Saga Universe that kinda ties in loosely with an already released title. While this novel is already past the ten-thousand word mark, it’s not slated for release until January 2023. Why? Going forward, the plan is to releases 4 titles per year. As of right now, 2022 looks set to make that happen, which means I need to start thinking about the years to follow.

The second thing I’ve realized is that I need to focus on series. It’s all well and good releasing standalone novels, but frankly, those aren’t being consumed as well as my series, so with that in mind, I’ve decided to focus more on new series going forward. We’ve got Standish 2 and 3 being released next year, with more on the way after that. I’ve also considered that the 9th book in the Earth Saga Series might be a first part to an overall series. Still figuring that one out, but one thing is certain, the heroes of the 9 Earth Saga books will not be seen once that 9th book comes to a close.

And the third and final thing that has dawned on me lately is that I enjoy creating stories that are of an interest to me. Perhaps they might not resonate with a broad audience, but if I wasn’t enjoying telling the stories that I’m writing, I doubt I’d be able to stick at it for as long as I’d want.

With all that in mind, Project XX, The Rescue.

This novel will try to be a bit of an action-adventure story, mixed in with a bit of survival, and some sci-fi horror. Films that instantly come to mind are Alien and the Guardian. A bit of both mixed together.

I’m not sure how long the story will be, but it will be longer than a novella, and will visit a planet that features prominently in one of my earlier releases, adding to the backstory for that location. We’re hoping to pack this book full of action and some ultra-violence, and with any luck, readers will enjoy it.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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