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October 2020

It is the middle of October in London, and things are starting to feel like they did six months ago, and that is not good.

On the work front, we are getting closer and closer to getting two more projects released, so that is positive. Project XI (Murder on Valtameri) is with my editor and should be released in November. Project XIV (Escape from Jarosis) is with two test-readers and should be released in December. I am editing Project XIII (The still to be named virus book) as we speak, and that is hopefully going to be released in the first quarter of 2021. That leaves Project X (The Battle for Jupiter Earth Saga 7) & XII (A War Beneath the Clouds) waiting for edits. Yowzers. That is a lot to juggle. Not to mention that Project I (Minus Epsilon) is with the editor now. I am planning on having all existing books re-edited over the next few months, something that is needed.

I am not sure how much writing is going to be accomplished in the next month or so. I feel slightly swamped by the editing process, and with 5/6 in some stage of the editing process, I would like to clear the decks before ploughing forward with new material. Not ideal, but that’s where things stand at the moment. Of course, I could change my mind tomorrow.

The last few weeks have been rather productive. We had a relatively late French Open with Rafa one in rather quick fashion. During that time, I was wrapping up Escape from Jarosis. A novella that brings a little more violence back to my writing after some of the other projects on the list that are a bit tamer.

I have also been bingeing on some documentaries lately. I watched two David Attenborough films, Extinction and A Life on Our Planet. Both very well done, and a powerful reminder that the Earth is at a critical moment in history and if we take the wrong path, it is curtains for the whole species. I am also rewatching the Pandemic documentary on Netflix. Talk about eerie that it came out just before Covid hit.

With the temperatures dropping and the risk of Covid increasing, I think that late 2020 will involve a lot of walks for me. Last Friday, I walked from Waterloo to Rotherhithe, which is a lovely stretch of the Thames without too many tourists. You get to pass some gorgeous landmarks and hit a few great pubs along the way. Even though temperatures are dropping, I think that scenic walks are the order of the day for the next few months. I miss going to museums and getting into the busier parts of central London, but at the moment, it is just not worth the risk.

Looking towards the end of October, it is a focus on the current phase of edits on Project XIII. After that, it will be on to tackling revisions to Minus Epsilon, and then in November, hopefully getting Murder on Valtameri out and available.

Until next time, good night, and good luck.

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