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New Cover Art Coming Soon

For some time now, well, since Minus Epsilon was launched in 2007, I’ve required ‘better’ cover art. That wait might be coming to an end.

Three things I’ve been told that are required for improving my author brand and covers are one of them.

These three images are rough drafts for the first three novels in the Earth Saga Series. The plan is to have all new covers to accompany the release of The Battle for Jupiter in October.

Hopefully, people will like what they see, and hopefully, the artwork will help convey an idea of what’s happening in each story.

Changes will need to be made to all three images, but I think that they’re all looking solid and are vast improvements over what I’ve currently got on the front of the six books that are now live.

With any luck, fans will like what they see, and in time, I can replace all my covers with art from this particular artist, helping unify the branding with fantastic imagery.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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