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Murder on Valtameri

Well, dear readers, Murder on Valtameri is live. I put it up on Amazon last night, and after a journey of 385 days from start to finish, I have to say I am reasonably happy.

This novel falls into what I would call the science fiction – crime drama category. It takes place in the same universe as the Earth Saga series and Standish plus my other two novellas, but it takes place the longest ago. In our 2020 terms, the story takes place just over 2000 years ago. In regards to the time-line, this one takes place at the beginning of the universe that I’ve created, which will hopefully help build the universe that all these stories flow through.

Without giving away the game, this novel is a bit of an homage to Agatha Christie’s Poirot, who is perhaps my favourite detective ever to grace the screen. If you have watched the David Suchet series, some of the supporting cast might seem a tad bit familiar.

Hopefully, people like the story. I must admit that the scale of it is smaller than most of my other stories, and the level of violence is ratcheted down several notches. I think that makes for a slightly different vibe from my other books that have a few more space-battles or explosions.

With regards to a possible series coming out of this novel, well, there is a chance. I have my eye on a few characters that could either be used for a novel that takes place or follows this one up. With a crushing need to finish the last three books in the Earth Saga series, any follow-up to Murder on Valtameri will have to wait.

Until then, I hope people enjoy the book.

FYI, the book should be free on Kindle from 1 December to 5 December. Reviews are appreciated.

Thank you for your time, and my next title, Escape from Jarosis, should be coming out in just the next few weeks. Stay tuned. Links below.

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