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Lockdown Day 14

After a gorgeous weekend and a rousing speech from Her Majesty, we’ve got the Prime Minister in hospital due to his COVID condition, and both the UK and US waiting for the tidal wave of cases to hit. Perfect time to hunker-down and binge watch Netflix.

I finally finished ‘Tiger King’, and have to say it was both amusing, and an indictment of the US, its levels of poverty, which was evident in the series, and the shocking treatment of big cats. I’m all for million-acre game parks/reservations. Pack them with deer, tigers, whatever, in a safe environment, and let nature unfold. This of course is only a last-ditch idea if these animals are not safe in nature due to the loss of their natural environments.

On another very positive note, one of my beta-testers has returned Project XI to me. Time to crack that Word document back open and start fixing it. With 2 other readers still outstanding, hopefully I can meticulously edit one at a time, before giving the project another red-pen edit myself. Never a fast process, but hopefully one that results in a good product. I am considering mailing a copy to the US for a final edit from a super-nerd mate of mine, but that remains to be seen.

With lockdown continuing for the foreseeable future, it’s time to make some progress on Project XII.

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