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Lockdown Day 11

Day 11 of lockdown, and I can report that Project XII is coming along nicely. We’ve already hit five thousand words, and I’m thinking about keeping this story around the 60,000 mark. Standish was almost 200,000 words, while Project XI is about 55k. While I enjoy the longer projects, I think for stand-alone books, ones that don’t tie into the Earth Saga Series, keeping them on the shorter side isn’t a bad thing.

Regarding Project XII, I’m hoping to stray a bit from my typical style or flavor. Other than The Gauloi, almost all my stories have a positive ending. Perhaps I like my characters too much and don’t want to kill them off, not that I’m going to suddenly kill everyone, but perhaps I need a bit more RR Martin-like view on things and have some more bodies pile up.

On a completely non-work-related front, I’ve finally got a new book to read, my first this year. I’ve always enjoyed read about Rome, and have certainly enjoyed the HBO series Rome along with other period dramas, but I’ve never delved deep into the history, so hopefully this book will be a great introduction to the once mighty empire.

Hopefully I get back Project XI back from the readers in the next few weeks, after which I’ll make another round of edits before mailing it to the US for a mate there to review. Hopefully we’ll have that project live in the next three months.

For now, it’s time to watch the daily Downing Street briefing, and then go for my daily walk. Tomorrow, more of the same. Punch the keys and get Project XII on the way to 10,000 words!

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