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Late June Updates

I can excitedly report that Project XII, A War Beneath the Clouds, has been returned by my editor, and now we’re just waiting on cover art until I’m able to put the novel on Kindle for pre-order.

This is another standalone novel set in the Earth Saga Universe and will be set farthest back in the time-line, and will be a bit different from other novels in the series as it takes place almost exclusively in one location, and will lack some of sci-fi tech that fans of the genre might expect. This is my attempt at a blend of something like the Vietnam War, the First World War, with a splash of romance thrown in for good measure.

One of the characters in this novel will also feature in Arpina & Fairlight, which is currently on the way to my beta-reader. Other than that one character, this novel will have nothing to do with the rest of the series, other than the universe that it is set in.

Hopefully, this story contains enough action and adventure for those who enjoy my other books.

In other news, as mentioned above, Arpina & Fairlight is off to the beta-reader, and the 7th book in the Earth Saga Series, The Battle for Jupiter is now going through the post-red-pen edit corrections. I’ve had this project sitting on the sidelines for too long, so I’m getting through it in good time, with a possible trip to the editor for August.

On the writing front, I’ve crossed over the 50,000 word mark on the third instalment of the Standish series (newly formed! (and if you’re wondering, the second book in the series was untitled, but is now being rebranded as Standish II)). This should hopefully be primed for release in early 2022.

On the entertainment front, I’ve added some more Chet Baker to my collection. While I don’t work to jazz, it’s on my top 3 list for genres, and Chet Baker is currently my go-to jazz musician.

On the film/TV front, I made an error in judgement and watched The Ice Road. It wastes Holt McCallany in my opinion and has rather shoddy CGI. Let’s not get into the plot, which isn’t the best. It’s nice to see Liam Neeson in another action film, but he could have picked a better project than this.

With COVID still out and about, I’ve continued taking long walks around London. No indoor dining or cinema for me just yet! Took the Thames Clipper to Woolwich a few days ago, then walked back to Greenwich, then grabbed a boat to Waterloo. If you live in London, it’s a walk to consider.

That about sums things up. Writing continues on Standish 3.0, editing continues on The Battle for Jupiter, and A War Beneath the Clouds is just waiting for cover art. Exciting times!

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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