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June Coming to an End

Somehow June is almost over, and it’s been a rather active month. I’ve currently got 4 projects on the go in one form or another, and with a focus on trying to clear the decks, the rest of the summer will probably follow a very similar pattern.

First thing to examine is the status on the open projects. We’ll look at these from closest to release, to farthest from release.

The novel getting released next is title A War Beneath the Clouds. This is a standalone story in the Earth Saga Universe, and will focus on a young army officer who is deployed to a remote planet at the edge of the empire to take command of an outpost charged with guarding a mine. The only catch is that no electronics operate on the surface, and there are flesh devouring monsters that are a constant threat. We’re looking to release this title in July.

Next up is The Battle for Jupiter. This is the 7th book in the Earth Saga series, and is currently almost through the red-pen stage. No need to expound on the story-line here for anyone who has read the other books. This kind of came out of the blue, as the manuscript had been 50% edited and was just sitting waiting for the second half to get worked out, so I’m a little surprised myself, and we might be looking at a release as early as late August/September.

Third up is Arpina & Fairlight, another standalone novel that focuses on two special forces officers who join an experimental research program with the aim of creating super-soldiers to try and end a decades long war that the empire is waging. Action heavy with a splash of a love-story. This should be out sometime in the autumn.

The final novel is getting words put to page on a daily basis, and this is the third instalment in the Standish series. I’ve decided, after comments from readers, that Val Standish needs some more stories, so I’m attempting to deliver on that. This novel won’t be the fourth in the queue for release as Standish 2 is already written, and just in need of editing, which will commence after red-penning of The Battle for Jupiter is complete.

So, work is firing on all cylinders. Just need to find a reliable artist for book covers, and then we should see some fun releases between now and the end of the year. I’m going to hold off on any proclamations or predictions about what’s going to happen after that release wise. The 8th book in the Earth Saga series is nearly complete, but serious changes are required to re-incorporate a character who was refrigerated in book 7.

One positive note on the work front is that I managed to squeak above 4.0 on Goodreads! That took long enough.

On the entertainment front, I had the misfortune of watching Army of the Dead. Beyond unoriginal, and just bad.

Tunes wise, I’ve been adding to my synthwave collection with some fresh tracks, trying to keep the creative juices flowing while punching the keys.

In addition to the Euros in which England are playing so-so, I’ve been trying to get some more walks in around London.

Gotta keep the creative juices flowing somehow, and getting out of the dungeon is the best way to keep the brain working.

For now, it’s just a question of punching the keys and editing, and hopefully getting some entertainment released over the next few months that the readers enjoy.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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