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Jan 20

The first month of 2020 has drawn to a close, and while things look grim globally, the writing effort is on track to release 2 to 3 titles this year. 2 projects are currently around the 50% complete mark, and the 3rd is still in development.

Sales wise, January wasn’t the best month, only 14 copies sold, which isn’t horrible considering 2019 as a whole was grim in the sales department. I also gave away from free books in January, but these still fail to result in reviews which could lead to future sales. That’s annoying. All we can do is keep getting the product to market and see what happens.

I decided to quit Instagram and Twitter during January. I don’t think that they were helping me sell books, so dumping them was an easy decision. Facebook, on the other hand I view as a necessary evil, for the time being, so my presence on that platform will continue.

In total, January was a fairly quiet month. The keys were punched, but not in the volume I’d expect. Perhaps that’s because it’s January, or Brexit, or the Coronavirus, or the fact that Trump is going to get off in his impeachment trial. To quote Kevin Bacon. Remain calm. All is well.

I finally got around to watching 1917 in the cinema. I thought it was rather well done, and incredibly well shot. I also watched the Pandemic documentary series on Netflix, which is more timely than ever. I’ve been reading how Trump cut the funding for the CDC and disbanded some counter-epidemic group within the White House, or something like that. Genius timing.

Music wise, it’s more of the same: synthwave for work, while beefing up my jazz collection at the same time. I’ve become a huge fan of Isidor, whose new album Avalon Quest is straight out of any awesome sci-fi film. Perfect to have on in the background while punching the keys.

In other, random news, Star Fleet, I mean Space Force was formally established. That’ll be a great use of tax-dollars.

Looking towards Febtober, the focus is on finishing the ‘Poirot in space’ story that I’m working on. What’s that is accomplished, we’ll be moving back to finishing the 7th Earth Saga novel.

Other than that, it’s time to sit back, and see how awesome Brexit will truly be. Chlorinated chicken anyone?

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