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February in Review

The month of February has come and gone, and for the most part it was a rather productive one. Work has continued on Project XVI, the 8th book in the Earth Saga series, along with Project XVIII, Arpina & Fairlight, an Earth Saga Story.

Project XVI has already crossed the 80,000 word mark, and as of right now, I’m not sure how high that number will go. I think that this particular part of the 9 book series needs to be told properly, so I’m not limiting the size of this project.

Project XVIII, a standalone, doesn’t need to worry about feeding into the next part of the story, because Arpina & Fairlight will be the only story with a focus on those two characters, who anyone that has read Murder on Valtameri will recognize. I’m in the last phase of this project, and the end of the book will comprise two very large action set-pieces.

A new concept for my projects was brought to my attention by an old friend in the US, and where this will go, it’s impossible to say at this point, but there could be some exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Film wise, the only new thing I watched was Mank, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Gary Oldman is great, and I understand where he’s coming from as a writer who likes a drink from time to time.

On the music front, I’ve drifted away from Synthwave of late, with a focus on Trance/EDM, adding some great Armin van Buuren and Tinlicker to the line-up of wordsmithing tunes.

On a recreational note, I’ve been taking lots of walks. Not much else one can do considering we’re still in some kind of lockdown in London. But! The end is in sight. Jabs are rolling out smoothly, and hopefully things will start to open up in April.

Until then, I’ll be aiming to finish Project XVI and XVIII this month. That leaves me needing to edit Projects X, XII and XIII. XII & XIII being standalones, while Project X is the 7th Earth Saga novel. Add to that the work I’m doing on this side project, it’s a pretty full month.

I’ve set a goal of releasing 6 titles this year. With 3 complete and 2 more over the half-way mark, this looks like a very manageable target.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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