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Escape from Jarosis

Another project is complete.

I can report that Escape from Jarosis is now live on Amazon Kindle after a rather rapid 140 days from start to finish. This novella takes place during the opening days of the War of Succession, something that anyone who has read either the Earth Saga Series, or Standish or Love in a Time of War should be familiar with.

In fact, there is a flashback scene at the beginning of Defiant Order, the second book in the Earth Saga Series, that takes place on the same day and in the same location as Escape from Jarosis.

My intention with Escape was to create a tight action-oriented story with high risks for all the characters along with a heavy dose of violence. My last release, Murder on Valtameri, was less action focused than most of my other projects, so with Escape, I wanted to bring some more heat to the story.

With just a few characters brought together during a tumultuous period, and only a few hours to get to know them, I hope that readers will enjoy the rapid pace of the storytelling and come away satisfied with the ending.

I have attached links for Amazon .com and below.

Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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