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December 2020

It’s approaching the end of December and it’s getting colder and darker in London.

Over the last few weeks, things have gone rather well from a productivity standpoint. I’ve been able to release two novels: Murder on Valtameri and Escape from Jarosis. These are both standalone projects within the Earth Saga Universe, and there is the chance that one or two of the characters from these projects might get their own spin-offs. Time will tell.

Recently, I’ve been focused on editing the 7th book in the Earth Saga series, The Battle for Jupiter. This is taking time, but we are well placed to release this instalment of the series before summer.

Other than work, there isn’t much to report. I’ve been on a few walks around town, but considering the time of year we’re in and the current Covid threat level, things are rather dull.

I look forward to the days of going to the museum or the cinema or out to a bar. Fingers crossed we’ll be back to normal by the end of 2021, because I don’t think we’ll be in the clear anytime in the next six months.

Looking at the rest of the year, all efforts are now on getting The Battle for Jupiter finished, and then moving on to the 8th book in the Earth Saga series. This is a 9 book series which means we are coming to a conclusion of a story that I started back in 2013. I aim to have the 9th book available at some point in 2021.

In addition to the 3 Earth Saga books I want to release next year, I’m sitting on 2 standalone books, both finished, and in various states of editing; A War Beneath the Clouds and my still unnamed Virus book. I’m looking at a summer release for both of these projects.

After the Earth Saga is put to bed, I have a myriad of other projects planned, several standalone books, but there are a few 3-part series planned. I’ve come to the conclusion that a nine book series is a stretch, so any future projects will be on a smaller scale, but they will remain in the Earth Saga Universe for the foreseeable future, primarily travelling back in time to help fill in the time-line from the beginning of the Empire to present day. There are 2 human-centric projects planned post Earth Saga, but those might need a year or two to stew before pen is put to paper.

Either way, we’re aiming to have 5 books released next year, added to the fact that all the books in the series are being given a professional edit, hopefully delivering a superior product to readers.

Now, it’s back to editing The Battle for Jupiter.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe out there.

Murder on Valtameri:

Esacpe from Jarosis:

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