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Boxing Day 2020

With only a few more days in the year, it’s almost time to say adios to a wretched 2020, and hope that 2021 is an improvement.

With that in mind, December has been a rather productive month. I was able to release Escape from Jarosis, an action-packed novella set 70 years before the events in Minus Epsilon. All 11 books that I’ve released are in the same universe, and while there might be giant gaps in the time between one or two of the books, they’re all connected.

I’ve also just had Defiant Order, the second book in the Earth Saga series edited. Hopefully creating a better product for readers.

December also saw the conclusion to the 7th book in the Earth Saga series, The Battle for Jupiter. Work is still required until this is sent to the editor, but that’ll wait for a few months while other projects are tended to.

I’m very happy to report that work has started on the 8th (out of 9) book in the Earth Saga series. I have a title for this project, but I’ll keep that under my hat until closer to the release date, which will hopefully be at some point in late 2021.

I have also started work on an additional project, the title of this I’ll announce on Monday. This novel is a standalone project and will involve two characters from Murder on Valtameri and will take place before the events in that book. We’re definitely going for some ultra-violence and action in this one.

In addition to all these projects, I still have 2 finished standalone books that require proof-reading and editing. Those will be released in the first half of 2021.

I also took the opportunity to get to the pub one last time before Tier 4 came into effect. Naturally, we dined outside, as in-door dining is madness in the current environment.

A Christmas themed walk around London was also on the cards. Deserted. Not a surprise.

The order of the day for the rest of the year is to keep punching the keys on the 2 open projects and look forward to the end of this miserable year.

Stay safe out there, wherever you are.

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