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So, I’ve got Minus Epsilon, Defiant Order and Horizons on Amazon, and that’s a good start, but I think that getting a few copies printed out was part of the next phase to bring my writing career to the next level.

I ordered a run of 30 books to be printed from printers in the north of England, and after a few

drafts I pulled the trigger and placed the order. Naturally there is a word misspelled on the back cover. Hopefully that’s the only real issue in the book. I’d like to get another order reprinted to deal with that glaring error, but the 30 copies I’ve got on hand are going to friends and family.

I was fortunate enough to recently bump into a chap who claims to have contacts with a publisher in England, and I gave him a copy to see what leads where. I’ve come to the conclusion that a huge part of this writing experience will be getting my novels in front of the right audience. I’m lucky enough to know two dudes in LA who have some contacts out there, and they have suggested that I send them out a copy. I’ll never know what the real potential of all this work is until I get it out there.

Getting an agent would be nice, but I’ve been shot down quite a few times, and I’m currently not actively pursuing one. That might change in the next few months. I need to get feedback from my mates on the west coast. Time will tell.


I want to thank James Gilleard for his amazing cover art. I don’t think that the book would get half the amount of attention without it. The man is a truly amazing artist and I’m looking forward to continuing with him with future book covers.

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