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2018 Flight Plan

2018 Flight Plan

The plan for next year is to write five novels, roughly 450,000 words, and finished the Earth Saga Series, or at least the first nine books. That means 2018 should look like this:

Jan/Feb: Book VI- Condition Zero

Mar/Apr: Book VII- Title Classified

May/Jun: Book VIII- Title Classified

Jul/Aug: Book IX- Title Classified

Sep/Oct: Unspecified Stand-Alone Novel- Title To Be Determined

I think we’re going to change the title of Book V, and use Condition Zero for Book VI.

What happens after that is up for serious consideration. As I mentioned in the previous blog, there is the strong possibility of an almost endless number of spin-offs and sequels or new storylines with other characters. It’s a large universe I’ve created, so there are lots of options. It’ll all come down to how sales go for the current run of books.

There is always the possibility that I will move onto an entirely new subject matter, but probable that I’ll stay in the sci-fi genre. There is external pressure to write a book that is not science fiction, and I do have several ideas for books that do not fall into the sci-fi realm.

Time will tell. The long-term objective would be to increase work-rate even more for 2019. With any luck, I’ll be able to keep producing fun, quality literature for some time to come.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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