An Earth Saga Story

When a young girl from a backwater planet joins the fleet, she begins a journey that will change not only her life, but history itself.

But as the Empire erupts into a civil war that threatens to tear it apart, Val Standish soon learns that duty, love and war are an explosive mix.

As her judgement day nears, Standish must risk everything to discover if warriors are only forged in the white heat of battle.

The Gauloi

An Earth Saga Story

On the edge of the galaxy, a young woman awakes from stasis to find herself alone on a freighter drifting through space.

When dangers start to emerge, she is left with two choices: fight or die.

Love in a Time of War

An Earth Saga Story

On a tranquil world at the edge of the galaxy, Sydan and Aika grow up to embrace culture, art and love.

But their idyllic lives will descend into darkness and be torn apart by a war that no one saw coming.

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