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Word count is often talked about when it comes to novels. My main man Zacho the Wacko is talking about doing some writing blitz thingy in November where he needs to churn out a 50,000-word novel in one month. Sounds like a serious challenge to me!

Seeing I’ve just started book V, I’m back tracking daily progress to keep me on a path to the objective word count, which I’ve set as 120,000.

Now, if you have a look on-line at word counts for famous books you’ll see some mind-bottling numbers (Blades of Glory). HP and the Order of the Phoenix was 257,045 and Return of the King was 134,462. Yikes! Makes me quiver in my boots to think of those numbers some times. It helps put things into perspective.

Well I did a quick check of the four books I’ve got out and it looks like this:

Minus Epsilon: 75,613

Defiant Order: 67,385

Horizons: 69,578

Remnants of Empire: 114,098

So book IV is massive compared to the other three, but still short when compared to some of the great books in the sci-fi and fantasy.


Well we’re at 3260 on Condition Zero, so only 116740 to go!

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