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Week in Review: 4/2/18

The week is over, and this update is 24 hours behind schedule. And, it will be brief. Not a lot got accomplished this week. No writing got done, no fitness was performed. It was a lost week, as weeks go, but I suppose we all hit bumps in the road from time to time.

I did binge watch Altered Carbon on Netflix, and while it was good, 3.75/5, I do have some issues with some of the tech involved in the show, which I’m going to write a short article on for Riddle Magazine. My first concern is armour in sci-fi which doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than getting soldiers killed. More to follow on that. Shortly.

Altered Carbon

One epiphany I did have this week came out of the blue: the name of Standish’s home. I’m going with Port Sunlight. Perhaps it would have been more original to make up a name myself, but I like to drop Easter Eggs into my books. Lots of references to films, TV, and personal experiences. The reason behind this may be illuminated at a later date.


Tomorrow, when Monday comes around, it’s back into the attack with great purpose. Standish needs to get written. That story needs to reach its appropriate conclusion. I do hope, that as a stand-alone product, it will be more accessible to people than a long series, only time will tell.

One final note, I paid for a book giveaway on Goodreads, which is totally fucked up, but hey. Anyway, 100 units shipped. Hopefully I’ll get some positive reviews. Naturally when I checked yesterday, the only review I had was a 1-Star review. Lovely.

Right. Time is ticking, and I have to move.

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