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Week in Review: 29/04/18

Another week in the books, and we’re back in London, and the weather sucks. Winter has returned. Much was accomplished this week, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve gotten ‘Standish’ into the hands of my local beta-tester. I’ve also had a kind off from a friend in Australia to beta-test the novel digitally. Two sets of eyes better than one. Looking forward to getting feedback, making corrections, then getting ‘Standish’ out to the public.


With ‘Standish’ in the books, I’m back working on ‘Love in a time of War’. As mentioned before, I’m targeting around 20,000 words, making it a much shorter read than any of the other 5 books I’ve released to date.


Watched a few films this week. I enjoyed Kodachrome. Ed Harris at his best. To quote his character: “Happiness is bullshit. You think Picasso was happy? You think Hemingway way? Hendrix? They were miserable shits. No art worth a damn was ever created out of happiness.” I can relate.


Also got another album by FM Attack: Dreamatic. I’m a big fan of theirs, and the genre. Helps get the creative juices flowing when I write.


This coming week will see a focus on ‘Love in a time of War’. Need to get that story finished so I can get on to book VI of the Earth Saga series. The new plan going forward, which I’ve probably mentioned before will involve writing an Earth Saga series novel, followed up by a stand-alone story, then a short-story. So, that would mean there are ten books on the planning tables, which will give me a few years’ worth of work left to accomplish.

Back in the gym Monday morning, then cracking on with the wordsmithing. Until next time.

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