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Week in Review: 27/01/18

Hello Dear Readers,

What started as a dismal week and evolved into a dull week ended Friday in a crescendo of drama. I can’t go into all the specifics, but I can assure you that there is a very good chance that things could be afoot.

On the work front, I crossed over the 170,000-word mark. Not bad. The pace has been stable, not jaw-dropping.


More music was purchased this week. More Synth-Wave, some Jazz, and some Motown. I’ve always loved jazz, but have been in need of bulking up my current rotation for some time.



I put book 3 online this week. Horizons is the second shortest book in the series to date and probably will remain in that position. I’m still planning on writing some short stories, but those will not fall into the story-lines of the Earth Saga series.

The big news this week came on Friday in the form of a very official email from some multi-country law firm that represents a large organisation. I want to leave the names and details out at this point to make sure that the apple cart isn’t upset, but in a nutshell, this company which had revenues of $1.6 billion in 2016 doesn’t like the idea that I’m trying to develop a video game first-person shooter with my friend Brett that has the word ‘Saga’ in the title. Clearly, these people are idiots and have tried to pull this crap in the past. Need to have a long think, consult some professionals, then proceed, but this is not going to go away without some drama. Fingers crossed it leads to books sales.

Winter is still upon us, and the work on ‘Standish’ continues. The adventure is concluding, one which hopefully satisfies the fans. All two of them.

Hasta Luego.

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