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Week in Review: 25/03/18

Well, there isn’t snow on the ground, that’s a start.


This week has been devoted to the painfully slow editing process on Standish. I am never writing another book of this length again. The sheer scale of the thing is making the editing process much more difficult, and after finishing my Grammarly edits this week, I’m going to print out another copy to edit with the dreaded red pen.

Other than the editing process, I went to the National Gallery for a very disappointing Still Life exhibition, which occupied two rooms and was a waste of time. Not impressed.


I also found myself watching the Vivienne Westwood documentary with a bunch of Westwood people. Interesting film.


Spotted an old poster for North by Northwest after the Westwood film. Hitchcock and Cary Grant at the height of their powers.


Had I Bats knock up another helmet for Standish supporting artwork. I’m thinking about a minor supporting character I’m going to introduce that is part of a species that are all clones. Might be a great opportunity for a stand-alone book in the future, possibly exploring how the whole cloning process came about.


Work continues on a cover to Love in a time of War. This is an example of a rejected option, but I’m really liking the overall look. Really like the vibe that’s going on. My make Luke West is quite the artist.


Formula One started this weekend, hopefully it’ll be a more entertaining season than last year. If we’re lucky.

Until next time.

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