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Week in Review: 24/06/18

It was a good week for writing, and a great week for English football. Football is one of those sports that I follow like an addict every so often. Tennis, golf, the Olympics, rugby. A big tournament or competition comes on, and I’m hooked. It’s nice to get some variety in what sports I watch, now that I’m finished with the NFL after 30 years of loyalty, I’ll need to switch to other options!


We are in the finally half of ‘Standish’, get some last few ‘things’ done. My beta-tester 2.0 is arriving in England around the 10th of July, so everything will be all ready well before his arrival. ‘Love in a time of War’ will be finished this week. I’ll be taking the red-pen to that document once I’ve printed it out. I might dump that on the beta-tester also. Which means, if all goes to plan, we’ll be on to Book VI by the middle of July. Everything works out, all 3 books will be released this year. Very exciting stuff.

Always adding to my music collection, this week we added some Droid Bishop, which must be a reference to Aliens. Great, great film. I’ve become a big fan of Café del Mar, and am adding one album a week to my collection. Great background music.


Found this article in the New Scientist. Nothing new here! Perhaps it’s just nice to see what I already knew confirmed.


And finally, we’re trying to keep the style on a good run. This was a little look I put together Sunday morning. I find that very few people actually take the time to dress well these days. Look, I’m not wearing a tux to the gym, but it just seems we’ve hit rock bottom, and started to dig. Very little effort being put into what people wear, which is ironic, since most of what people wear is probably made in some horrible 3rd world slave-labour sweatshop while they  demand organic foods that are fairtrade. Rather hypocritical.


This week has got some great weather in store for London, and a big England V Belgium game on Thursday. Time to punch the keys.

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