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Week in Review: 20/1/18

Another week in the books. It’s the middle of January, and while the daily word count has taken a massive hit from the numbers I was hitting towards the end of 2017, the most critical thing is that I’m still getting a minimum of 1000 words down a day. I’d like to get those up to 3000 per day, but the juices aren’t flowing at the moment. Maybe it’s the weather. I have found in the past the winter in London isn’t conducive to wordsmiting. I got to 165,000 words as of today, and I’ll probably hit the keys some more tomorrow. A slow steady rate is critical.


This week didn’t have that many highlights, but the one thing that must go to the top of the list would be this amazingly bad review I got from Mr. A Cockburn. I do appreciate any readers honest opinion, pity his review was light on details. I’ll work on my knowledge of physics for the next book.


Watched several films this week. I enjoyed a few, some were not that great, looking at you ‘Eye in the Sky’. Pity that was Alan Rickman’s last film. 13 Hours, Their Finest Hours, The Fighting Seabees, Eye in the Sky, Birdman of Alcatraz.

Got some new tunes for the ‘work’ playlist. Still focused on ‘synthwave’ or whatever people are calling it these days. I added albums by Dan Terminus, Com Truise, and a mixed album called Magnatron 2.0. Epic.


I’ve been giving more thought to what happens after ‘Standish’ is complete. Serious consideration is going towards a rotation of writing one Earth Saga novel, then a stand-alone novel (in the Earth Saga universe), followed up by a short story of around 20,000 words (also in the Earth Saga universe). This would allow me the chance to finish the remaining four books in the Earth Saga series, while at the same time producing stories that can be read independent of the series. Only time will tell, but I am attracted to the idea of producing a few short stories to help with increasing the size of my back catalog.

Right, it’s Saturday, need to get out the door. Until next time, dear readers.

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