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Week in Review: 20/05/18

Summer is finally upon us, and it’s about bloody time. This week marked a serious up-tick in action from the last few weeks.


We are writing again! Which is always a good thing. The objective for 2018 is to release 3 books. ‘Standish’ is finished and awaiting final edits once I get feedback from my beta-testers. ‘Love in a time of War’ is at the 50% mark, and Book VI of the Earth Saga is waiting for the first words to be put to page. Book VI will be shorter than ‘Standish’, around the 90,000 word mark, which I think is a nice round number for the Earth Saga series.


After being told I should read the first book of the Expanse series, Leviathan Wakes, I picked it up at Hatchards a week or so ago, and finally finished it. I must say that I did enjoy it. I’m not sure if that is because I’d seen the show, but I plan on reading ‘Caliban’s War’ after reading ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ by the late, great Tom Wolfe. I’ve read ‘The Right Stuff’, and while this is a novel, I am expecting good things. Perhaps part of my interest in reading Tom Wolfe rests in the fact that he just died. Either way, the man is a great author, and he was an incredible dresser. Both traits I aspire to. 



tom wolfe passes1

On the viewing side, I watched ‘Beyond Skyline’. A shitty sequel to a shitty original film. Off to see ‘Deadpool 2’ today, so I’m excited about that.


If things go according to plan, I’ll be getting a minimum of 7,000 words down on ‘Love in a time of War’ this week, putting me very close to my 20k objective word-count. We need to get this sucker into edits before the end of the month. The fans demand it! Or at least they do in my dreams.

Onwards and upwards.

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