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Week in Review: 17/02/18

It’s another week in the bag and things have started to get back on track, for anyone giving a shit. Got back into a more regular writing routine this week and hit the gym four days. Not bad. Getting back on track.


Watched lots of Olympics this week. I always enjoy the chance to watch some amazing competition in events that you don’t see very often every 2 years. I also binged on The Sopranos this week, finishing off season 2. It’s a good show.

Got 5,637 words down on Standish this week, which isn’t great, but considering the last 2 weeks were disasters, it’s an improvement. I did cross over the 175,000 mark this week, so that’s a nice mile-stone. I keep telling myself that the end is near, but there is still a major action-piece to wrap up, then more of a story to tell. We’ll get there.


I’ve also decided on a bit of a tag-line for Standish, to help give potential readers an idea of the vibe of the books and I’ve decided, for the time being to go with: Wonder Woman meets StarShip Troopers. I do think that helps capture the mood and vibe of the book.

I’ve had an idea in my mind for a while about how Standish looks, and the closest female I can find that comes close to capturing the physicality of Standish is Sara Sigmundsdottir, an Icelandic Cross-Fit athlete. All you have to do is image her with blue and white skin.


Friday, I went and saw Black Panther in the cinema. It was fun, and for all those out there familiar with both London and Atlanta, like I am, I’m sure they’ll have spotted a very prominent building from Peachtree Road that is not in London. Nice try.


It’s a mild weekend in London, and I think that some more Olympics are on the cards, along with some drinking, and some more writing Sunday.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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