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Week in Review: 15/04/18

Another week down, and red-pen edit’s on ‘Standish’ are almost complete. I’ve got 90 pages left to edit before making the alterations on the computer, then getting another manuscript printed out and into the hands of the beta-tester.

Happened to be at London Bridge station earlier this week. While I think the Shard is a lousy piece of architectural design, I did think that the weather helped give it a very sci-fi like vibe. Good for the creative juices.


Did a little editing on the train. No tables, very annoying.


Got some fresh tunes from Paul Van Dyk to work to. I’ve always been a fan of PVD, and he’d be on my top three list, no questions asked, of favourite DJs. Tiesto would be up there. Robert Miles would also be in the conversation. I know that purists hate PVD, but he works for me.


Finally, picked up ‘All you need is Kill’ from the Japanese Centre off Piccadilly Circus on Saturday. I love ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and am already enjoying the manga. Always fun to see the similarities and differences between page and screen.


Next week we’re off to France for some R&R, and getting ‘Standish’ ready to be printed for the beta-test. Fun.

Until next time.

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